How to Replace a Honda Ignition Switch

by Alibaster Smith

Replacing the ignition switch in your Honda will be necessary if you can't start your vehicle. While your Honda ignition switch should give you many years of trouble-free performance, the switch on the ignition cylinder is an electrical component and can short out or fail at any time. When this happens, you'll need a new switch. Because many Hondas use a transponder key, you'll need to replace the key or have it reprogrammed when you purchase a new switch from the Honda dealership.


Open the fuse panel cover and remove the electrical plug that is plugged into the fuse box which powers the ignition switch. The ignition switch power connector runs from the fuse panel back to the ignition switch. Verify that you have the correct plug and wire by tracing the wire back to the steering column.


Remove the two screws on the underside of the steering column that hold the cover panel in place. This panel covers the access to the ignition switch.


Remove the two bolts holding the ignition switch in place. Some Honda vehicles have blank head bolts or round head bolts. In this case, you will need to cut a groove into the center of the bolt head with a dremel and use a flat tip screwdriver to remove the bolt. Or you can try removing the bolt using a center punch and a hammer to turn the screw bolt counterclockwise.


Pull the ignition switch out of the steering column and install the new switch. Installation is the reverse of removal. Tighten the ignition switch retaining screws by hand.


  • check For specific information about replacing your Honda vehicle's ignition switch, consult the particular vehicle's manual.

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