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How to Replace the Heater Hoses in a Honda Accord

by Contributor

When most people think of car maintenance invariably, oil changes, tune-ups and the like come to mind. Often people will overlook the hoses and more specifically the heater hose in their Honda Accord. This is a mistake, as the hoses are a prime source of leakage problem in your cooling system. Replacing the heater hose doesn't require in-depth knowledge of auto mechanics and nearly anyone can do it.

Step 1

Position a bucket with at least a 2-gallon capacity underneath the Honda Accord's radiator and directly below the drain plug. Then, open the radiator drain plug to allow the coolant to drain into the bucket. Make sure the radiator is cool to the touch before you open the drain plug.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver or pliers to loosen the clamps, which hold the heater hoses in place. The tool needed will depend on the type of clamp on the hoses of your Honda Accord. Then, move the clamps down the hose and out of your way.

Step 3

Make several lengthwise cuts where the hoses connect to the heater core and engine respectively. Next, remove the old heater hoses. Never pull or twist on the hose while removing it without cutting it first, because you can damage the heater core.

Step 4

Scrape any leftover heater hose or debris away from the hose fitting, so the new hoses fit snugly to the heater core and the engine. If there's debris left on the fittings, it can cause a coolant leak.

Step 5

Apply gasket sealer to each of fittings to help secure the new hoses in place. Be sure you don't put too much sealer on the fittings or it may cause gaps. A thin coat of sealer will suffice.

Step 6

Put the hose clamps onto the new heater hoses and attach them to the heater core and engine fittings. Next, use the screwdriver or pliers to tighten the clamps on the heater hoses. Be sure there's a sufficient amount of hose attached to the fitting to prevent coolant leaks.

Fill the radiator with fresh coolant, turn on the engine of the Honda Accord and let it run for about 15 minutes. While the Accord is running, check for any leaks in the new heater hoses.


  • Be sure to measure the inner diameter of the new hose and compare it to the old hose before installing it. Sometimes heater hoses are different sizes and any variation can result in a coolant leak.


  • When scraping the hose fittings free of debris, be very careful not damage the fitting.
  • Clean up any mess and dispose of the old coolant properly. Be careful during this disposal, as coolant is very toxic to both people and pets.

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