How to Replace the Heater Core in a Chevy Corvette

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If your Corvette's heater isn't working and the heater core needs replacing, think carefully before trying to replace it yourself. There are several components you must disconnect from within the engine compartment and interior to reach the heater/ventilation/air conditioner module.

Removing the Old Core

Disable the air bag system Remove the SIR fuse and the left side sound insulator. Disconnect the Connector Positive Assurance, steering wheel module coil connector, instrument panel module connector and negative battery cable.

Discharge and recover the air conditioner refrigerant. Drain the engine coolant from the cooling system to a clean container.

Prepare to remove components within the dashboard. Apply the parking brake, place the transmission in second gear (automatic) or fourth (manual), tilt the steering wheel as low as it will go and turn the ignition switch to the "On" position.

Disconnect all attachments to the heater/air conditioner module within the engine compartment. Disconnect the battery heat shield, intake manifold, air injection check valve hose, heater pipe assembly, Accumulator hose, evaporator tube and HVAC module drain tube.

Disassemble the dashboard, then remove it with an assistant's help. This includes removing the center console, gear shift boot, ashtray, glove compartment, Connector Positive Assurance, Sensing and Diagnostic Module, blower motor, all panels, connectors, ducts, nuts, bolts and switches.

Remove HVAC module, then remove the heater core outlet and inner covers. Remove the heater core from the case. Discard all seals and remove the core pipe clamp.

Installing the New Core

Attach the new heater core to the pipe clamp and new core seals. Install the core into the case, attach all clamps and screws and install new outer seals and cavity seals. Reinstall the core cover and outlet cover.

Install the HVAC module with new seals. Align the dashmat so the module drain seal is fully aligned against the cowl and all fittings and studs correspond with the openings in the cowl.

Install the dashboard, all components and all engine connections to the HVAC module.

Refill the engine cooling system. Evacuate, charge and leak test the air conditioner. Reconnect the battery cable and enable the air bag system.

Start the Corvette's engine and run it normal operating temperature. Check the climate control's operation and check for any leaks in the system.

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