How to Replace a Headliner on an S10

by Jenny Carver

The Chevrolet S10 is a mid-size truck with a fabric headliner. The headliner in a truck can begin to sag if the adhesive holding the fabric to the headliner board begins to fall. This creates what looks like a giant air bubble on the ceiling and can hang down so far, it obstructs the driver's view. The headliner may also come loose from the sides of the headliner, causing it to fall down. The only permanent repair is to replace the headliner on an S10.

Step 1

Remove the old headliner and headliner board from the S10. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the sun visors, the clothes hook and the plastic molding that holds up the edges of the headliner board. Pull the headliner board out of the truck, being careful not to bend it so far that it breaks.

Step 2

Lay the headliner board on the ground, and pull off the old headliner material. The old adhesive can remain on the board.

Step 3

Place the new material on the headliner board, and use scissors to cut it to size, leaving an extra two inches around the edges. Also, make very small holes where the screws go through the material and into the headliner board.

Step 4

Fold the headliner material over, and spray the underside of the material and the headliner board with the spray adhesive. Let the adhesive dry for five minutes, or until it becomes tacky. Fold the material back onto the headliner, and smooth out any wrinkles, using your hand. Turn it over, and spray the excess material with adhesive. Let it dry for five minutes, and fold it over the back of the headliner board.

Step 5

Put the headliner back into the S10, and install the screws into the plastic molding around the top, first. This will hold up the headliner, so you can replace the sun visors and clothes hook.

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