How to Replace the Grips on a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic

by Matt Scheer

The Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic is a full-sized touring motorcycle in the Electra Glide family. Although the Ultra Classic features numerous design options, the handlebar grips are similar in design and mounting. The grips help riders hold onto the handlebars while steering and prevent fatigue due to engine vibration. If the grips are loose, gummy or damaged, they need to be replaced. Changing the grips is a simple and straightforward do-it-yourself job that shouldn't take more than half an hour to do.

Remove the clutch housing around the base of the left and right handlebars. Remove the Torx or hex head screws securing the housing in place. Pull apart both halves of the housing to reveal the base of the grips.

Detach the throttle cables from the throttle switch. Carefully pull out the throttle wires from around the base of the grips with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Lift up on any frayed or loose portion of the grips. Spray adhesive solvent under the grips to loosen them then press them back and forth on the handlebars and pull them off. Clean the handlebars of any remaining adhesive with sandpaper and solvent.

Slide the new grips over the handlebars. Wrap the throttle cables over the base of the grips in the same way the cables lay over the previous grips. Reattach the throttle cables to the throttle hand switch. Remount the clutch housing over the base of the grips.

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