How to Replace the Glove Compartment on a Toyota Tacoma

by Rex Molder

The Tacoma glove compartment is secured with two hinges at the bottom and two plastic tabs inside to prevent it from falling out of the dash. When opened, you can see several wires and modules behind the Tacoma glove-box assembly. While you can access some components by opening the glove box, reaching other components requires you to remove the box. Replacing the glove box takes about five minutes.

Close the glove-box door.

Locate the two screws that hold the glove-compartment hinges in place, and remove them. The screws are located at the bottom side of the glove compartment, attached to the dash.

Open the glove compartment, and slide it down and out of the dash. There are tabs on each side of the compartment that must clear the opening.

Remove the glove compartment door-reinforcement bracket by removing the two connecting screws and one connecting bolt. The screws are along the right, bottom edge of the frame, below the bottom part of the dash, just above where the hinges attach. The bolt is opposite the screws, on the left side.

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