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How to Replace the Fuses in a Chevy Silverado

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There are various models of the Chevy Silverado including the 1500, 2500 and 3500. Any of these could have a fuse that blows at some point. With little time and cost, you can to change a fuse on your own. The process remains the same for all models and years.

Step 1

Turn off the Silverado before beginning work on a fuse. Find the fuse box on the driver's side edge of the instrument panel.

Step 2

Pull the cover off the fuse box and locate the fuse needing replacement. For example, the fuse associated with the power locks in a 2001 Silverado is called "Lock."

Step 3

Use the fuse extractor that's inside the fuse box, or use your fingers to remove the fuse. Inspect the fuse to see if the silver colored band inside is melted or broken, indicating a blown fuse.

Step 4

Replace it with a new fuse that has the same rating as the fuse you removed. The power locks referenced in Step 2 use a 10-amp fuse. Click it into place and close the fuse box cover.

Start the Chevy Silverado up again and verify the replacement fuse works.


  • Check your owner's manual ahead of time to locate the fuse and keep extra fuses on hand for any important electrical functions.

Items you will need

  • Fuse extractor
  • Replacement fuse

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