How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a Toyota Avalon

by Grace Mclain
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The main function of the fuel filter on the Toyota Avalon model vehicles is to keep any impurities and sediments out of the fuel injectors and the engine. The canister-type fuel filter on the Toyota Avalon has an inner filter made up of fibers, which trap and hold the impurities and sediments inside the filter. The clean gas then flows to the fuel injectors and into the engine. Replace the fuel filter after between 30,000 and 40,000 miles of use.

Step 1

Park the Toyota Avalon on a level surface in a well ventilated work area. Pull the hood latch and raise the hood.

Step 2

Remove the fuel cap from the fill neck on the fuel tank. Removing the fuel cap will release the gas pressure from the fuel filter.

Step 3

Locate the fuel filter on the driver's side below the master cylinder and the air filter box. You can change the fuel filter without removing any other components.

Step 4

Slide the drip pan under the Toyota Avalon in the general location of the fuel filter.

Step 5

Hold the fuel filter with one hand and loosen the bottom fuel line nut with a metric open end wrench. Turn the fuel line nut counterclockwise to loosen, then finish unscrewing the fuel line nut with your fingers. Pull the line out of the fuel filter.

Step 6

Hold the fuel filter with one hand and unscrew the top fuel line nut with the same metric open end wrench. Finish unscrewing the fuel line nut with your fingers and pull the fuel line out of the fuel filter.

Step 7

Loosen the metric bolt holding the bracket of the fuel filter to the mounting bracket with a metric wrench. Slide the bottom of the fuel filter away from the mounting bolt and out of the engine compartment.

Step 8

Slide the bracket of the new fuel filter onto the bracket bolt. Make sure that the arrow on the new fuel filter is pointing upward. Tighten the metric bracket bolt with the metric wrench.

Step 9

Screw both the bottom and top fuel lines back onto the fuel filter and tighten with the metric wrench. Screw the fuel cap back on the fuel tank and remove the drip pan from under the car.

Step 10

Turn the ignition on for five seconds and then turn it off. Turn the key on and off three more times for five seconds each time. This process will prime the new filter with fuel and remove the air from the fuel filter. Leave the motor running on the fifth turn of the key. Look over the new fuel filter for gas leaks while the Toyota Avalon is running. Then shut the engine off and close the hood.

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