How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Buick

by Chris Moore

You should change the fuel filter on your Buick vehicle every 30,000 miles; this is part of the regular major tune-up schedule. Always use extreme caution when working on any part of the fuel system, because of the high-pressure components involved. Ensure that you buy the correct type of fuel filter for your particular Buick model. Also, the exact replacement method can vary, so consult your owner's manual or model-specific reference guide.

Step 1

Disconnect the fuel pump relay from the relay center on the instrument panel's right-hand side (on older models, the fuse is in the engine's fuse block). Start the engine and let it run until it stalls, then turn the key for another three seconds. This will relieve the pressure in the fuel system.

Step 2

Raise up the rear end of the vehicle, at least on the side with the fuel tank. For more security, raise the entire rear end and support it on jack stands.

Step 3

Twist the connectors on your Buick's fuel filter a quarter-turn in each direction to loosen any dirt and debris around the connections. Blow away the debris from each connector; compressed air will work.

Step 4

Disconnect the connectors by squeezing the plastic tabs and pulling the connectors apart. Remove the filter's mounting bolt with a wrench, and unhook the tab on the frame's receptacle to remove the filter.

Step 5

Make sure the male ends of both of the new filter's connectors are clean, and lubricate them with engine oil.

Step 6

Position the replacement fuel filter so that the arrow printed on it points toward the engine. Connect the fuel lines to the filter, making sure the connections snap in place. Move the filter in place so you can secure it with the bolt.

Step 7

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Then reconnect the fuel pump relay and reconnect the cable. Turn the ignition switch to "On" with the air conditioning off, and wait two seconds for the fuel pump to work. This will pressurize the fuel system. You might need to repeat turning the ignition switch a couple of times, waiting five seconds in between.

Step 8

Start the car's engine. As it runs, check for any leaks around the filter's connections.

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