How to Replace the Fuel Filter From a BMW 528i

by William Zane

The BMW 528i was made from 1997 to 2000 and was another popular model in the 5 Series line-up, combining attractive styling, high quality and strong performance. Like all BMWs, the fuel filter on the 528i should be changed every 30,000 miles or so, though this will vary depending on the types of conditions in which the car is driven. Replacing the filter is an easy job on the 528i.


Park the BMW in an area that has proper ventilation. When changing the filter, some fuel will spill out. Remove the negative terminal on the battery, which is the black cable.


Raise the driver’s side of the car with a floor jack and support it securely on a jack stand. You may also drive the car up onto a pair of ramps to allow enough room to access the filter.


Remove the trim piece that protects the fuel filter and the fuel lines. The piece is held on with bolts. Set the trim aside. The fuel filter and the fuel lines will be visible just in front of the gas tank.


Clamp the fuel lines on either side of the filter with locking pliers so that when the lines are disconnected, the fuel does not pour out. Use a rag between the pliers and the fuel line so the line does not get damaged.


Loosen the hose clamps that fasten the fuel lines to the filter with a screwdriver. Slowly and carefully pull the lines off the filter. Wipe up any fuel that spills out with a rag. Remove the filter from the bracket that holds it in place and discard it.


Install the new filter by sliding the fuel lines onto the filter. Tighten the hose clamps. Install the filter in the bracket. Remove the locking pliers and reinstall the trim that protects the filter.


Lower the car back to the ground. Reinstall the negative terminal on the battery.

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