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How to Replace a Frontier Bumper

by Tony Oldhand

Replacing the bumpers of a Nissan Frontier is not that difficult, but you have to take your time and work carefully. Most Frontiers front bumpers have a bumper cover and an inner support beam; and on most Frontiers, the rear bumper is a one-piece unit. If your Frontier was in an accident, it will be necessary to inspect all components for damage and replace the damaged parts, which are readily available either from Nissan dealerships or aftermarket suppliers.

Removing and Replacing Your Frontier's Front Bumper

Step 1

Park your Frontier on a hard, level ground, such as a driveway. Place the vehicle in "Park" and set the emergency brake firmly. Place the wheel chocks on the front wheels.

Step 2

Lay on the mechanic's creeper, and wheel yourself under the front bumper area. Locate and familiarize yourself with all the points where the front bumper beam and bumper cover attach to to the vehicle. Locate all the electrical connectors for your fog and ancillary lights. On a second generation Frontier model LE, some owners report that you may have to pull the inner fender liners to be able to reach the attachment bolts.

Step 3

Disconnect the positive (+) and negative (-) connectors from your battery.

Step 4

Disconnect all the electrical plugs that feed the fog and ancillary lights.

Step 5

Instruct two helpers to stand on either side of the cover, and have them support the weight of the cover. Remove the cover bolts carefully, as your helpers takes up the weight.

Step 6

Instruct your helpers to walk the cover away from the vehicle, and set it off to the side.

Step 7

Inspect the inner bumper beam carefully. If damaged, you will have to replace it.

Step 8

Instruct your helpers to stand on either side of the bumper beam. As they take up the weight, remove the attachment bolts. Instruct your helpers to walk the beam away from the vehicle, and lay it off to the side.

Step 9

Replace the old beam with a new one, in reverse order of steps 1 through 8.

Replace the bumper cover with a new one, in reverse order of steps 1 through 9. Reconnect all the electrical plugs. Reconnect the battery.

Removing and Replacing the Rear Bumper

Step 1

Carry out the removal instructions from steps 1 through 4 for the removal of the rear bumper.

Step 2

Inspect the rear bumper; if damaged, it must be removed and replaced with a new bumper.

Step 3

Instruct two helpers to stand on either side of the rear bumper and to take up the weight as you are about to remove the bolts.

Step 4

Remove the attachment bolts, and instruct your helpers to walk off the rear bumper, laying it off to the side.

Step 5

Instruct two helpers to position the new bumper carefully on the attachment points.

Step 6

Replace the attachment bolts, tightening them as per Nissan's recommended torque specifications.

Reconnect the electrical plugs and reconnect the battery.

Items you will need

  • Box wrench set
  • Socket wrench set
  • Ratchet wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Wheel chocks
  • Mechanic's creeper
  • New front bumper cover
  • New front bumper inner beam
  • New rear bumper

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