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How to Replace the Front Signal Lights in a Saturn Ion

by TJ Hinton

On your 2007 Saturn Ion coupe, reach behind the headlight assembly and grasp the inner bulb socket for the turn signal. Turn it counterclockwise and pull it out of the back of the headlight assembly. Pull the bulb out of the socket, push the new bulb in and insert it into the back of the headlight assembly. Turn it clockwise until it locks in place.

Ion Sedan

On the sedan, you'll need to pop that headlight assembly off the car to get to the turn signal bulbs. Pull up on the two retaining pins on top of the headlight assembly and remove the assembly from the car. On the back, rotate the outer dust cover counterclockwise to remove it. Then rotate the turn signal bulb socket counterclockwise and remove it. Pull the old bulb out of the socket and push the new bulb in. Insert the socket into the headlight assembly and rotate it clockwise to lock it. Put the dust cover on and rotate it clockwise to secure it to the back of the headlight assembly and set the assembly in place. Insert the retaining pins and you're all set.

Replacement Bulb

The replacement bulb for the front turn signals on your Ion is No. 5702KA-1 for both the coupe and the sedan.

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