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How to Replace the Front Signal Lights in a Ford Focus

by Contributor

Drive your Ford Focus in safety with your signal lights in working condition to avoid accidents because you can't signal other drivers when you are making a turn. Changing the bulbs out is a task you can do yourself.

Step 1

Open the engine's hood. You'll see two screws above the headlight cover that secures the cover onto the car. Remove those with the screwdriver and pull the cover off of the car just enough to give you room to work in without pulling the electrical wires out.

Step 2

Locate the turn signal socket. It's the electrical connector at the outer side of the headlight cover/housing. Rotate the socket the turn signal bulb is in counter clockwise until you can remove it from the housing.

Step 3

Take it out of the socket by holding it with one hand while you remove the bulb with the other. The newer Focus models have bulbs that pull right out. For an older model, there may be notches within the socket where you'll have to turn the bulb a certain way for it to come out easily.

Replace the bulb with bulb number 3157AK. Reinstall the electrical connector socket and reattach the headlight cover housing to the front of the car. Put the mounting screws back in place and close the hood.


  • Avoid skin contact with a new bulb. The oil from your fingers will shorten the life of the bulb.

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