How to Replace a Front Direction Bulb on a GX470

by Kahlea Pendleton

Instead of going to an auto repair shop to replace your front signal bulb on your Lexus GX 470, you can do it yourself with the use of the right tools and by properly reassembling every piece back together. You can install a new bulb on your GX 470 and have working signal lights again in no time.

Lay on a mover's dolly to push yourself underneath the front right or left bumper. Look for the headlight assembly, which is gray and rounded with multiple colored cords. Once you see it, look behind the assembly to see the bulb that you need to replace.

Reach your arm up toward the gray connector with the bulb. The connector has cords running out of it to grab while you are twisting the bulb out counterclockwise. Do this until you see the light bulb come out with the gray connector attached to it. If you cannot hold the socket firmly while twisting the bulb, use a pair of pliers to hold the socket firmly, and then use your other hand to twist off the light bulb.

Insert and twist the bulb into the gray connector. Twist the bulb clockwise. Once the light bulb is in, reassemble all the parts back together. Insert the light bulb back into the headlight assembly and you're done.

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