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How to Replace the Ford Taurus Engine Mount

by Chris Moore

The Ford Taurus usually has three engine mounts--one mount each on the left and right sides of the front of the engine, and one mount for the rear of the engine and the transmission. Any one or all of these can be removed and replaced if needed, but use extreme caution and make sure you properly support the engine when doing so. This exact procedure is for Taurus models made from 1996 to 2005; the location of the mounts and their fasteners may differ on other year models.


Step 1

Remove the two lower nuts connecting the right and left front mounts to the car's subframe on the right side using a ratchet wrench. The forward stud and nut are usually accessible through the bottom of the subframe, while the rear bolt is on the bottom of a bracket.

Step 2

Raise the car and support it on jack stands, then raise a hydraulic floor jack placed under the oil pan; place a block of wood on the jack to protect the pan from being dented. Remove the left front wheel using the tire iron if you are replacing the rear engine mount.

Step 3

Unscrew the two bolts connecting the left-hand forward mount to the air conditioner compressor bracket using the wrench--you should be able to reach the bolts through the right fender well--and remove the left forward mount.

Step 4

Disconnect the right-hand front engine mount' bolts, which are connected to the transmission case's bracket, and remove the right mount.

Step 5

Unscrew the upper nut connecting the rear engine/transmission mount to the support bracket, then the two lower bolts connecting the mount to the frame. This mount should be accessible through the left wheel well.

Step 6

Raise the jack further, if needed, to remove the rear mount.

Remove the nuts and bolts connecting the mount's support bracket to the transmission. Rotate the bracket counterclockwise to detach it from the upper stud and remove the mount.


Step 1

Position the rear/transmission mount on the car's subframe and attach the support bracket to transmission, tightening the nuts and bolts with the wrench. Connect the mount to the subframe bracket with its two through-bolts.

Step 2

Connect the new left-hand mount to the air conditioning compressor bracket using its two bolts and your wrench.

Step 3

Attach the new right-hand mount to the transmission case with its bolts.

Step 4

Lower the floor jack slowly and carefully until it no longer supports the weight of the engine.

Step 5

Attach the final upper mount-to-transmission bracket nut for the rear engine mount using the wrench. Connect the left and right front mounts to the car subframe with their bolts.

Replace the left front wheel if you removed it, and lower the car off the jack stands.

Items you will need

  • Jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • Hydraulic floor jack
  • Wrench

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