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How to Replace the Exhaust Manifold in a Ford Mustang

by Contributor

The Ford Mustang was known throughout its nine generations as an excellent blend of performance and fun while being consistently affordable. The Mustang retains its value and is a long-time favorite of collectors. The sixth generation of Ford Mustang (1989 to 1993) offered a powerful V-8 5.0L engine. The following steps guide you through the removal and installation of the exhaust manifold.

Remove the Exhaust Manifold

Step 1

Pull the negative batter cable from the terminal. Remove the secondary air injection hardware, the air cleaner and the inlet duct.

Step 2

Label and disconnect the spark plug wires. Pull the spark plugs from the cylinders heads. Take the oil dipstick tube from the exhaust manifold stud.

Step 3

Disconnect the exhaust pipes and the oxygen sensor connector.

Remove the bolts and washers from the exhaust manifold. Remove the manifold.

Install the Exhaust Manifold

Step 1

Clean all the gasket mating surfaces with compressed air and solvent. Examine the surfaces thoroughly for damage.

Step 2

Place a new gasket on the manifold and set the manifold to the cylinder head. Set the mounting bolts in place and finger-tighten them. Replace the oil dipstick tube and the oxygen sensor, then engage the connector.

Step 3

Put the exhaust pipes in place. Tighten the flange nuts to 20 to 30 foot pounds.

Step 4

Install the spark plug and then connect the wires. Replace the air injection hardware, the air cleaner and the inlet duct.

Reconnect the negative batter cable. Start the engine. Check the system for exhaust leaks.


  • Raise and support the vehicle at a level that allows access to the top and underside of the engine. This prevents the vehicle being raised and lowered throughout the procedure.

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