How to Replace the AC Evaporator on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Melissa Kelly

The evaporator in your car's air conditioning system serves many functions, with its primary job being to remove heat from inside your vehicle. A secondary benefit is that the evaporator also works as a dehumidifier. As the air travels through the evaporator's metal coils, the moisture condenses on the surface and causes the refrigerant to boil and transfer heat to the cooling mechanisms of the vehicle. If the evaporator coil on your Jeep Grand Cherokee is not properly functioning, your cooling system will not blow cool air or dehumidify your car.


Discharge the air conditioning system pressure by taking your Jeep Grand Cherokee to a dealership or service center. Do not attempt to disconnect the fittings prior to evacuation of the freon because the system is under high pressure.


Disconnect the negative battery terminal cable.


Move the shift lever to the fully rearward position and remove the front and rear storage bins. Remove the console mounting screws, lift the console upward, disconnect electrical connectors. Use the lever on the side of the steering wheel to lower the steering column to its lowest position. Remove the instrument panel assembly, using a trim tool to pry the attachment clips loose to release both the upper and lower panels. Remove the ashtray and disconnect electrical connectors behind each panel.


Remove the heater/air conditioning unit from under the dash area.


Remove the evaporator from the lower housing.


Replace the evaporator and install the all parts in the reverse order of removal. If you are installing a new evaporator, add 2 oz. of refrigerant oil to the system.


Recharge and leak-test the system at a local dealership or service center. Once recharged, turn on the air conditioning system to check for proper operation.

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