How to Replace CV Joints on a Honda Accord

by Carl Pruit

A constant-velocity (CV) joint allows a turning shaft to transfer that power at different angles. In order to accomplish this, the joint has to maintain enough grease around it to keep the joint running smoothly. The boots around the CV joint are there to prevent dust from getting in between the joint and damaging it. But the boot will rip occasionally and allow dirt and debris inside the joint, causing the CV joint to wear out and break. When the CV joint on the Honda Accord starts to go bad, you will hear it clicking and then begin to grind before it finally gives out. Replacing the CV joints on your Honda Accord will take you about four to six hours to complete.

Step 1

Place the wood block behind the tire you will not be working on and set the parking brake. Raise the vehicle up with a car jack and place a jack stand under the vehicle frame.

Step 2

Lower the car jack so that the vehicle is sitting on the jack stand. Do not place the jack stand under the axle, since you will need that axle to be free to work on.

Step 3

Remove the tire with a tire tool and set it aside. Take the nut off of the axle at the hub with a socket wrench, then remove the ball joint nut from the bottom of the joint and move the spindle hub out of the way.

Step 4

Slide the trans-axle out off the transmission by pulling it straight out. The trans-axle will come right out without having to remove any pins or bolts once the spindle is out of the way.

Step 5

Slide the new trans-axle into the transmission and thread the end of the trans-axle into the spindle hub. You will have to apply some pressure by hand to the trans-axle to get it to fit back into the spindle hub.

Step 6

Reattach the nuts to the top and bottom of the ball joint to secure the hub, then place the tire back on the Accord using a tire tool.

Step 7

Lift the car with the car jack and remove the jack stand from under the vehicle. Lower the vehicle to the ground and remove the car jack.

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