How to Replace the CV Boot on a Toyota Camry

by Alibaster Smith

The CV boot on a Toyota Camry acts as a flexible joint in the drive and half shafts. Without this joint, your Camry would not turn left or right. While stress can cause a CV joint to break, the usual cause is stress applied during normal driving to the CV boot itself. Over time, the stress of turning left and right will cause the boot to fail. The boot will then rip and axle grease will leak out, while water, dirt and debris will get into the joint. If you can catch the failure of this joint before it starts to grind, you can repair the joint by replacing the CV boot.

Step 1

Cut both CV boot clamps with snippers and remove the old boot.

Step 2

Make note of the position and dis-assembly order of the inner race, outer race, cage and shaft so that they can be re-assembled in the proper order.

Step 3

Use a screwdriver to pry the wire ring from the outer race.

Step 4

Pull the outer race off the inner bearing assembly.

Step 5

Take the snap ring out of the groove in the axle using snap ring pliers.

Step 6

Slide the inner bearing assembly off the CV shaft.

Step 7

Remove the stop ring from the axle shaft.

Step 8

Remove the ball bearings from the cage assembly using a screwdriver.

Step 9

Align the inner race lands with the cage windows. Pull the race from the cage.

Step 10

Spray all of the parts down with brake parts cleaner to remove all dirt, dust, debris and grease.

Step 11

Insert the inner race into the cage with the chamfered splines facing the same direction as the small end of the cage.

Step 12

Press the ball bearings into the cage.

Step 13

Slide the new boot and boot clamp into position. You can wrap the splines with electrical tape to prevent damage to the boot.

Step 14

Insert the stop ring on the shaft.

Step 15

Insert the inner race and cage onto the axle with the "bulge" side of the cage facing out.

Step 16

Insert the snap ring into the groove. Be sure to seat the ring by pressing on the inner race and cage assembly once the ring is in place, making sure that this action does not cause the ring to come off.

Step 17

Fill the outer race and boot with axle grease (supplied with your CV joint rebuild kit). Make sure to pack the grease into the boot and work it into the joint as best you can.

Step 18

Slide the outer race onto the inner race and install the wire ring.

Step 19

Lift up on the side of the boot that you did not fill with grease with a screwdriver. This will let any air out of the boot that may have gotten trapped inside while you were filling the boot with grease.

Step 20

Position the boot clamps into the groove on the new boot and bend the metal tang downward. Flatten the tang using a screwdriver to hold the clamp in place.

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