How to Replace the Coolant Recovery Tank in a Chevy Camaro

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The coolant recovery tank in a Chevy Camaro is commonly called a coolant overflow tank. Before deciding that there is a leak in your overflow tank and it needs to be changed, check the coolant level in the tank. The Chevy Camaro is known for problems with the coolant sensor. A bad coolant sensor causes your coolant light to come on even if the car does not need fluid.

Step 1

Check the level of coolant in the overflow tank to be sure that the tank has a problem. If your coolant light comes on and the level in the tank is alright, try unplugging the coolant sensor to see if the light goes off. If the light goes off when the sensor is unplugged, replace the sensor instead of the overflow tank.

Step 2

Locate the hose on the coolant overflow tank that attaches to the radiator under the radiator cap, if the tank is bad and needs to be replaced. Remove the hose from the radiator and then remove the retainers holding the tank in place. Remove the tank from the car.

Step 3

Empty the coolant overflow tank of any coolant inside. Pour the fluid into an appropriate container and dispose of properly.

Step 4

Remove the hose from the old tank and install it onto the new overflow tank. Put the new tank into the vehicle where you removed the old one.

Step 5

Secure the new tank in place with the retainers. Then secure the other end of the hose back onto the radiator.

Step 6

Take the cap off of the radiator and check the level of coolant inside of the radiator. Top off of the fluid to bring the level up to the radiator neck, if necessary then re-cap the radiator.

Step 7

Fill the new overflow tank with enough coolant to bring the level up to the line indicated on the tank.

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