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How to Replace a Clockspring in a Dodge Caravan

by Contributor

When your airbag light stays on continuously or your horn doesn't work properly on your Dodge Caravan, you may need to replace the clockspring. This mechanism wires the airbag, horn and cruise control features of your vehicle. Replacing a faulty clockspring mechanism can result in better performance of these systems.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and wrap tape around the terminal to prevent accidental contact during the repair of your Dodge Caravan. Allow the airbag to discharge for at least two minutes before working around the steering wheel.

Point the wheels of your Dodge Caravan straight ahead. Turn the key to the lock position and remove it. Lock the steering wheel into position by turning it half a turn toward the left.

Remove the airbag by first taking out the three bolts that attach the airbag to the steering wheel. Unplug the electrical connections behind the airbag and set the airbag aside, face up.

Take out the nut that holds the steering wheel in place on the column and remove the damper plate just below the nut. Mark the steering wheel shaft and the wheel of your Dodge Caravan for proper alignment when you replace the steering wheel.

Use a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel from your Dodge Caravan. Thread the puller no more than 1/2 inch onto the wheel to prevent damage to the clockspring.

Unplug the clockspring connections and replace the clockspring with a new one. Center the clockspring by rotating it clockwise until it stops, and then turning it counterclockwise so the wires end up at the top. Lock the pins in place and turn the clockspring halfway around counterclockwise so the wires end up at the bottom.

Put the steering wheel and the damper back in place and secure them with the steering wheel nut. Attach the airbag, horn and speed control wires to the clockspring. Replace the airbag and reconnect the battery to your Dodge Caravan.

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