How to Replace a Clockspring in a Chevy Cobalt

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The clockspring in your Chevy Cobalt allows your steering wheel to turn and still remain connected to the airbag deployment mechanism. The clockspring allows for a continuous electrical connection to the airbag, horn and cruise control. When the airbag light remains illuminated, replacing the clockspring may extinguish it.

Straighten the wheels of your Chevy Cobalt by turning the steering wheel to its neutral position. Turn the ignition off and remove the key.

Disconnect the negative battery cable in your Chevy Cobalt and keep the cable separate from the battery terminal during the entire repair process. Allow the airbag system to discharge for a minimum of two minutes before working on the steering column.

Open the Body Control Module (BCM) fuse center and remove the cover. Locate the two airbag fuses, AIR BAG (IGN) and AIR BAG (BATT), and remove both.

Turn the steering wheel of your Chevy Cobalt so that one of the side openings ends up on the top of the wheel. Insert a tool with a blunt end into the opening and depress the sprint mechanism. Repeat this procedure with the other opening and remove the face of the steering wheel.

Take apart all the electrical connections and remove the airbag. Unscrew the steering wheel nut and use a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel.

Unhook the clockspring from your Chevy Cobalt by removing all electrical connections to it. Replace the mechanism and then replace the steering wheel and airbag.


  • You can keep the negative battery terminal separate from the cable by covering the cable with tape.
  • You can find the BCM (a fuse box) on the passenger side of the center console.

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