How to Replace Chevy Astro Van Headlights

by Arthur Heberger

If you wanted a tough minivan from 1985 through 2005, the Chevy Astro might have been just the workhorse you needed. Unlike other minivans of the day, the Astro used the rear-wheel-drive, body-on-frame platform which gave it much better hauling and towing capacity than the smaller front-wheel-drive, unibody minivans. While lacking in comfort, the Astro had plenty of cargo space for your tools and materials. Replacing a headlight in a 2005 Chevy Astro is a procedure that should only take about five minutes. The Astro came with either composite or sealed beam headlights that year, depending on the trim package.

Composite Style Headlights

Step 1

Let the bulb cool if it has just burned out. Make sure the headlight switch is off. Open the hood to locate the headlight assembly retaining bolts. Remove the bolt that secures the corner lens to the headlight assembly. Remove the three bolts securing the headlight assembly to the support. Pull the assembly away enough to access the bulbs.

Step 2

Disconnect the electrical connector on the bulb you need to replace. Twist the bulb counterclockwise to release it from the housing. With gloves or a clean rag, remove the replacement bulb from its packaging. Do not touch the bulb with your bare hand because the oil from your skin may cause the bulb to overheat and burn out prematurely. Install the bulb and twist it clockwise to lock it into the housing.

Plug in the electrical connector. Install the headlight assembly and tighten the bolts to 110 inch-pounds with a torque wrench. Install the corner lens bolt and tighten it to 44 inch-pounds. If you don’t have an inch-pound torque wrench, it’s not that critical. Just tighten the bolts snug without over-tightening them. Turn on the headlight switch to make sure the bulb is working.

Sealed Beam Headlights

Step 1

Let the bulb cool if it has just burned out. Turn the headlight switch off. Open the hood, locate the headlight bulb electrical connector and disconnect it from the bulb. Remove the headlight bezel screws with a Phillips screwdriver and remove the bezel.

Step 2

Remove the 4 headlight retaining ring screws with a Phillips screwdriver while supporting the bulb, so it doesn’t fall. Be sure not to turn the adjuster screws instead, or you will need to have your headlights aimed at a repair shop. Remove the retaining ring and bulb.

Install the bulb in the housing and secure it with the retaining ring and screws. Connect the electrical connector to the bulb. Install the headlight bezel and secure it with the screws. Check to make sure the headlight operating properly.

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