How to Replace Chevy Cavalier Spark Plug Wires

by Christian Killian

Changing the spark plugs on your Chevy Cavalier can improve your fuel economy, correct misfires and increase the performance of your engine. Spark plug wires that are worn, cracked or have damage on them, can become ineffective and cause the engine in your car to run very poorly. Hard starts, stalling and poor fuel economy are all symptoms of weak spark conditions in your ignition system.


Locate the negative battery cable on your Cavalier. Remove the retaining bolt from the battery cable end with a wrench then remove the cable. Isolate the cable from the battery terminal while you are working.


Select the longest spark plug wire on the engine and remove it from the coil pack. Grasp the wire at the boot and pull it straight off.


Follow the wire to the opposite end, where it attaches to the spark plug. Grasp the boot, turn it a couple of times to loosen it then pull the wire off the spark plug. Find the matching length wire in the set of new spark plug wires, place a small amount of dielectric grease in the boots and install them by pushing both boots into place.


Move to the next wire and repeat the procedure, continuing through all four plug wires until they have all been changed. Discard the old plug wires.


Install the negative battery cable onto the negative battery terminal and tighten the retaining bolt with a wrench. Start the engine and verify that it is running properly.

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