How to Replace Car Pushrods

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The pushrods are important components of your car's engine. If they don't work properly, your car will not drive and could be unsafe to operate. When they have become excessively corroded or otherwise damaged, it is time to replace them. The following steps will help you complete this maintenance task on your car's pushrods.

Remove the valve cover and all the rocker arm mounting bolts. Do this in pairs and keep them organized as everything will need to go back into the exact spots where they started. Consider using plastic zip seal bags and a permanent marker to keep everything straight.

Remove the rocker arms, also keeping all of the components to each rocker arm together using the same methods explained above. Remove the push rods while noting their starting positions. While you won't be using the old ones, it is important to place the new ones in the right configuration. Since each engine is different, consult your repair manual for more specific location information.

Lubricate the lower end of each push rod with clean oil or engine lube and install it into the correct placement. Each push rod needs to be seated completely in its lifter socket. Bring the number one piston to dead center of the compression stroke.

Apply lube to the open ends of the push rods then reinstall the rocker arms and all of the components you took off with them. Tighten them according to your specific torque specifications and reinstall the valve cover.

Start the engine and listen for all valve components to be working properly and check to make sure there is no leaking.

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