How to Replace Car Battery Connectors

by Jenny Carver

Car batteries are often forgotten parts of regular car maintenance, but even they have smaller components that must be repaired or replaced on occasion. The battery connectors are the small connectors on the end of the cables that fit over the terminals/posts of the battery. The battery connectors are vital to the operation of the battery, since the battery will not work if the connectors are bad. Many people waste money buying new batteries when it is actually the battery connectors that should be replaced. Battery connectors are very inexpensive and easy to replace. Learn how to replace car battery connectors and don't waste money on an unneeded battery.

Turn off the car, open the hood and disconnect the negative battery connector first. The negative battery connector will likely be black or green or will have a negative symbol on it somewhere.

Disconnect the positive battery connector by using a wrench or ratchet/socket (usually an 8mm) to loosen the nut. The nut doesn't need to be completely removed to lift the connector from the terminal/post. The positive connector will be red and will possibly have a positive symbol on or near it.

Locate the connectors, which are the metal pieces at the end of the cable that actually connect to the terminal/post. Use a wrench and screw driver to remove the battery connector from the cable. There is either a bolt and nut to remove with the wrench and then a screw to remove the cable from the connector, or two bolts to remove with a wrench. The bolts should be loosened enough to pull the cable out but don't have to be completely taken out.

Replace the old connectors with the new connectors. Flatten the ends of the cable to make sure they will slide into the new connector. Tighten the bolts and/or screw down to clamp the cable down in the connector. Make sure the screws/bolts are in the correct place and are tightened completely so that the cable does not come out.

Place the new positive battery connector on the positive battery post/terminal. Place the new negative battery connector on the negative post/terminal last. Close the hood and start the car.


  • check Always disconnect the negative battery connector first to prevent shortages in the wiring system or possibly electric shock.

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