How to Replace a Toyota Camry Cabin Air Filter

by Josh Baum

Cabin air filters first appeared on the Toyota Camry in 2002. This feature, once only available on luxury cars, is now fairly standard on new vehicles. When working properly and allowing a free flow of air, a cabin air filter can reduce allergens in the passenger compartment and provide an overall cleaner environment. But when they're clogged, air cabin filters can reduce air flow through your vents and defrosters.

Open the glove compartment and remove the contents.

Look on the ceiling of the glove compartment interior, and find two screws. Remove these screws with a screwdriver and lower the glove compartment assembly. It is attached to the dashboard in the back with a hinge, so it will just drop down.

Open the rectangular plastic case, and slide the air filter out of the retainer clips.

Slide the new air filter into place. Replace the lid on the plastic case.

Lift the glove compartment up and screw the screws back into place. Replace the contents of the glove compartment and close the hatch.


  • check Make sure your replacement filter is designed for your Toyota Camry's model year.


  • close Clogged cabin air filters reduce the effectiveness of air-conditioning, heat, ventilation and defrosting mechanisms.

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