How to Replace a Cadillac Battery

by Drew Nelson
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Batteries have a way of dying unexpectedly so knowing how to change the battery in your Cadillac can be very convenient. Knowing the procedure could get your vehicle going more quickly and save you money from having the car towed and the battery changed at a shop. The procedure for changing the battery is not difficult.

Step 1

Open the hood of the car and locate the battery, which is behind the headlight on the passenger side of the vehicle, or in some models (the DTS, for example) the battery is under the back seat. The back seat folds up from the rear to expose the battery; there is no latch.

Step 2

Remove the cover and the harness holding the battery in place. You will need an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver. If the battery is under the back seat, there is no harness or cover.

Step 3

Disconnect the cables from the terminals using the adjustable wrench. Loosen the cables and then pull them off the terminals, but disconnect the negative (black) cable first and then the positive (red) cable. You may need WD-40 or liquid wrench to loosen the nuts on the cables. If you cannot loosen them with the wrench, spray them with WD-40 or liquid wrench and wait five minutes for it to soak in then try loosening the nuts again. Repeat the process until you are able to loosen them.

Step 4

Lift the battery out of the battery compartment, being careful not to get any acid on your skin. Clean the compartment and the connector cables using a wire brush and shop rags to remove any battery acid or corrosion. Make sure you are wearing gloves and goggles to protect your skin and eyes.

Step 5

Place the new battery in the battery compartment and reattach the battery cables using the adjustable wrench. Attach the positive (red) cable first then the negative (black) cable. Make sure the cables are securely fastened or the connection with the battery may not work.

Step 6

Start the car to make sure the battery functions properly. If the car does not turn over, then the cables may need to be tightened more. If the car still does not start, the battery may need to be jumped. New batteries sometimes lose their charge if they have been sitting for a long time. Once the car starts, replace the harness and cover. Since there is no harness or cover for batteries under the back seat, once the cables are reconnected, you simply fold the seat back into position.

Step 7

Remove all tools and close the hood. If you had trouble starting the car (it had to be jumped), you should drive it for 30 minutes or more to charge up the battery.

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