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How to Replace the Bumper on a 2005 Envoy

by Daniel Valladares

A bumper prevents or reduces physical damage that may occur when a vehicle is involved in low-speed collisions. If involved in a more serious accident, the bumper may sustain enough damage to require its immediate replacement. Replacing the bumper on a 2005 GMC Envoy is a lengthy process, but it is very straightforward. You can purchase replacement bumpers from Chevrolet dealerships or auto-repair shops.

Grille Removal

Step 1

Park the Envoy on a flat surface. Turn off the engine and open the hood. The grille is held in by 11 clips. You'll need to remove all of them in order to take off the grille.

Step 2

Remove the four clips on top of the grille. If you cannot pry them off with your hands, use a flat-head screwdriver to pop them out.

Step 3

Remove the two clips on the far-left side of the grille, the two clips on the far right and the two clips on the bottom.

Pull the grille out slowly. The last clip is in the center of the grille. As you pull the grille out of the vehicle, the clip will pop out by itself. When the clip pops out, slowly remove the grille from the vehicle.

Headlight Removal

Step 1

Lift the two sliding tabs holding the headlight assembly in place. The sliding tabs cannot be removed, but can be lifted enough in order to allow you to take the headlights off the vehicle. Repeat this step for both headlights.

Step 2

Disconnect the turn signal wires from the side of the headlight assembly. Disconnect the electrical connector from the rear of the assembly.

Pull the headlight assembly out of the vehicle slowly. Be careful not to scratch the vehicle as you are pulling it out.

Bumper Removal

Step 1

Crawl under the bumper and insert the screwdriver into the harness notch. Bend the screwdriver slightly to disconnect the fog light harnesses on both the right and left side of the vehicle.

Step 2

Pop out the buttons on each side of the bottom of the bumper. If you cannot remove them by hand, use the pliers to pull them out. Remove the button located in the center of the bumper in the same way.

Step 3

Use the wrench to remove the two bolts holding the bumper from the top. Remove the four plugs inside the vent of the bumper. You can use the screwdriver to pop them out.

Remove the plastic fasteners on each side of the bumper. They can be pried right off with the screwdriver. Remove the bumper from the vehicle.

Replacement and Reassembly

Step 1

Place the replacement bumper onto the vehicle. Snap the fasteners onto the side of the bumper. Reattach the four plugs inside the vent of the vehicle. Reinstall the two bolts at the top of the bumper. Snap in the two buttons on each side of the bumper as well as the center button.

Step 2

Crawl under the vehicle and reconnect the fog light harnesses. Reconnect the electrical connector and side marker wires to the headlight assembly. Place it back into the vehicle and push the sliding tabs down to lock it into place. Repeat for the other headlight assembly as well.

Place the grille back onto the vehicle and reattach all 11 clips to secure it in place. Close the hood.

Items you will need

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • 10 mm wrench
  • Pliers

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