How to Replace the Rear Disc Brake Pads in a Lincoln Continental

by Allen Moore

Modern Lincoln Continentals have four-wheel disc brake systems. The advantages of four-wheel disc brakes over the front disc/rear drum set-ups of old include better braking performance, better handling while braking and longer brake lining wear due to the self-adjusting nature of brake pads. Replacing rear brake pads is also an easier, less time-consuming job than replacing brake shoes. Anyone with basic auto repair experience can replace rear brake pads on a Lincoln Continental in around two hours.


Loosen the lug nuts on both back tires with the lug wrench. Don’t take the lug nuts off at this time, but make sure they’re loose enough to remove by hand.


Jack the rear end off the ground with the floor jack. Place the jack stands under the rear axle, out by the wheels. Lower the Lincoln onto the jack stands.


Take the lug nuts and back tires off by hand and set them aside.


Slide the drop pan under the left-rear brakes and then spray the brakes off completely with the brake cleaner to remove the brake dust. Never leave brake dust on, as breathing it is very harmful to your health.


Remove the caliper bolts with the socket set. Lift the caliper off the rotor by hand and then pull the brake pads out of the caliper. Clean the caliper with the brake cleaner, inside and out.


Lube the caliper slide pins with white lithium grease before pushing the caliper pistons back into the caliper with the caliper tool.


Insert the new brake pads, slide the caliper back into place over the rotor and then bolt it back on with the socket set.


Move to the right-rear and perform steps four through seven on that side.


Reinstall the tires and lug nuts, lower the Lincoln off the jack stands with the floor jack and then tighten the lug nuts to 95 ft-lbs with the torque wrench.


  • check Consider machining or replacing the rear brake rotors whenever you replace the rear pads on your Lincoln Continental. While you don't have to do so, it will ensure the longest life possible for your new brake pads.

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