How to Replace a Brake Line in a Dodge Caravan

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Brake lines run from the master cylinder to each brake and are usually one of the most durable parts on the vehicle. Dodge Caravan model years 2000, 2001 and 2002 are more likely rub together and corrode. If you decide to replace your brake lines, consult with a mechanic first.


Step 1

Raise the vehicle on jack stands that will support a Dodge Caravan. Remove the wheel corresponding to the brake line you need.

Step 2

Open the hood and locate the brake master cylinder at the back right of the engine compartment. It's a metal cylinder with a plastic reservoir tank on top. Trace the brake lines that run from it and to each wheel.

Step 3

Look over the whole brake line. It may be divided into sections where only once piece may need replacing. Each line will also be connected to a hose near the caliper.

Step 4

Note how the line is bent and coiled in multiple places. This reduces the strain on the line. Bend the replacement line in the same way.

Measure the length of the old brake line and compare it to the new. You need to cut it to the original line's length if the replacement pipe is longer. Then, flare the end so it fits the connector bolts.


Step 1

Remove the brake line by removing the connector bolts. Start at the end closest to the brake hose, then remove the end near the master cylinder. Use two line wrenches because there will be two bolts on each connector.

Step 2

Support any piece of the line still on the van by tying it to the chassis with a strong wire. This is especially true of pieces connected to the brake hose. Don't let anything hang from the hose or you could damage it.

Step 3

Plug the holes in the brake line on the van so you won't lose or contaminate the brake fluid. Use rubber, non-absorbent cloth or any clean material that won't absorb the fluid.

Step 4

Attach the new brake line pipe. Screw the bolts on by hand and then tighten them with your wrenches. Start with the end closest to the master cylinder, then to the hose.

Step 5

Bleed the brake system of air. Open the bleeder valve on the caliper, attach a vinyl tube to it and place the tube's other end in a container of brake fluid. Have another person press on the brake pedal to remove the air.

Place the wheel back on and lower the vehicle. Repeat this process for as many sections of the van as needed.

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