How to Replace BMW Fuel Injectors

by Jeffrey Caldwell

Fuel injection may be the biggest technological advancement in the automotive industry since the electric starter, but the web of electrical wires and computer chips that accompanies these systems has intimidated many amateur mechanics. With a few simple tools and a little knowledge, you'll be ready to replace your BMW's fuel injectors whether you're just looking to fix a leak or upgrade to larger injectors to make more power.


Disconnect the ground cable from the negative battery terminal.

Disassemble the injector pipe by removing the plugs, plate and screws.

Gently push up on the injector pipe until all of the injectors have cleared the intake manifold.

Remove the plugs and pull up the retainer. You should now be able to remove the injectors.

Inspect the injector O-rings. If they are torn, worn or misshapen, replace them.


Install the O-rings onto the new fuel injectors, then seat them into the injector pipe.

Reinstall the fuel injector retainer and plugs.

Slide the injector pipe back into position. Be careful not to damage the injectors.

Reassemble the injector pipe.

Reconnect the ground cable to the negative battery terminal. Run the engine and make sure there are no leaks.


  • check Relieve the fuel pressure by disconnecting the fuel pump relay plug and running the engine until it stalls. After it stalls, crank the engine for 10 seconds.


  • close Keep a Class "B" fire extinguisher near your work area in case of fire. Keep gasoline and gasoline vapors away from any ignition source.

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