How to Replace the Blower Motor on a Chrysler Minivan

by Don Bowman
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When ordering an HVAC heater blower motor on a Chrysler minivan, be sure to include the year, make, model and the engine size. There may be several different motors, depending on the model and type of air conditioning and heating unit employed. Also, mention whether the vehicle has dual air. A dual air conditioning unit has two blowers, one in front and one in back, differing slightly. Save the fan blades because the new motor does not include the fan.

Step 1

Remove the glove box by removing the screws on the bottom that secure the lid and the top line of screws--including the striker latch--using a socket. The blower motor is located behind the glove box. With a socket, remove the screws in the flat plastic plate covering the blower motor.

Step 2

Disconnect the electrical plug from the blower motor. Pull the grommet with the electrical wire out of the blower motor case. Feed the wire through to the motor. You can see where the wire from the motor passes through the case with a grommet sealing the hole.

Step 3

Remove the three screws securing the blower motor to the case, then take out the motor. Remove the nut securing the fan to the motor shaft using a socket. Lift the fan off the shaft. Place the fan on the new motor. Install the nut and tighten.

Step 4

Install the new motor in its pocket in the case. Install the three screws and tighten. Pass the electrical harness wire with the grommet through the case and push the grommet in place.

Step 5

Connect the electrical harness plug. Install the cover plate and screws and tighten. Install the glove box and screws and tighten.

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