How to Replace a Battery in a Mercedes ML430

by Russell Wood

The battery in a Mercedes-Benz ML430 acts as a storage compartment for the electricity created by the alternator. This energy is called upon when starting the car and turning over the starter motor. When the battery goes out, the car won't be able to start until it is replaced. Replacing the battery is simple on many cars, but on an ML430, it can be a bit confusing and less straightforward. Once you know how to do it, replacing the battery can be done in under 15 minutes.


Pop the hood. Locate the battery at the rear of the engine bay. Push down the black tab on the top of the battery with your thumb, then pull it out of the strap. Press down on the metal strap to unhook it at the base of the battery tray.


Pull off the rubber strip around the perimeter of the battery. Unbolt the guard at the base of the positive terminal using a 3/8-inch ratchet and socket.


Locate the battery surround, which is the steel tray running around the perimeter of the battery. Push down on the battery surround using your hands, then lift it up and out of the engine compartment. Unbolt the battery terminals from the battery using an open-end wrench. Lift the battery out.


Set the replacement battery in the engine compartment. Reconnect the battery terminals with an open-end wrench, starting with the positive terminal, then finishing with the negative. Push the battery tray back into the engine compartment. Slide the black tab that you removed in Step 1 back under the battery tie down. Push the rubber molding back onto the tray.


Push the metal strap that goes over the battery down to hook it into the chassis. Slide the black rubber stopper back under the strap so it looks like it did in Step 1.

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