How to Replace a Battery in a Hyundai Elantra

by Jody L. Campbell
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The Hyundai Elantra has been around since 1991. There have been four different generations of the popular import vehicle. The older the Elantra, the less complicated it is to replace the battery. The newer the Elantra (still on the market to this day), the more complicated the procedure becomes. While the procedure for replacing a battery in any vehicle is fairly universal, there are some variances, when replacing the battery, in later versions of the Elantra, starting with its second generation.

Step 1

Plug a 9-volt battery into the computer memory saver and insert it into the power outlet/cigarette light port. This is only required on second generation and younger models with theft-deterrent radios and internal car alarm systems; however, this procedure will not hurt any year Elantra.

Step 2

Open the hood and remove and engine covers (again only applicable to later versions of the model) using a ratchet, extension and socket to access the battery.

Step 3

Put on safety goggles to prevent injury to the eyes, then spray the battery terminal corrosion cleaner on the negative battery terminal clamps (both negative and positive). Follow the directions on the spray can and scrub any corrosion present off the terminal clamps with a wire brush. Even if there is no corrosion present, this step is recommended.

Step 4

Use a box-end metric wrench to loosen the retaining bolt to the black-wired negative battery terminal clamp first. Once the clamp is loose enough, wiggle the negative battery terminal clamp off of the battery post.

Step 5

Repeat Step 5 for the red-wired positive terminal clamp. If a metal dome cover is present covering the positive clamp and post, use a small, flat pry tool to pry off the retaining tabs on the bottom of the cover to access the clamp and post.

Step 6

Remove the battery hold-down using the ratchet, a socket and the extension if necessary.

Step 7

Lift the battery from the battery tray and remove it from the engine compartment.

Step 8

Install the replacement battery: 24 series for first generation models and 24F series for all remaining generations.

Step 9

Use the wire brush to clean the inside diameter of both negative and positive terminal clamps. If necessary, re-spray the clamps to help clean them.

Step 10

Install the new battery, making sure you align the positive and negative battery posts respectively to the positive and negative cables. Replace the battery hold-down and tighten.

Step 11

Connect the positive battery terminal clamp to the positive post first then tighten the clamp. Repeat for the negative terminal clamp.

Step 12

Spray both the negative and positive battery terminal clamps and posts with battery terminal anti-corrosion spray. Replace the positive metal dome cover if applicable.

Step 13

Replace the engine covers if applicable.

Step 14

Start the car to test the battery operation then remove the computer memory saver.

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