How to Replace a Battery on a Chevy Key FOB

by Susanne Koenig
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Changing the battery in your Chevy key fob costs very little and does not require reprogramming. Key fobs use a standard watch battery that can be found at any drug store or sundry goods store. You can even have it changed for you by purchasing your battery at a jewelery store. Dealerships also sell the batteries, but charge almost twice than a local corner drug store.

Step 1

Examine the back of your key fob. If it has a screw, then use the appropriate screwdriver to remove the screw and replace the battery with a new one. Do not touch the electronic circuitry. Replace the cover and replace the screw.

Step 2

Inspect your key fob along the plastic seam for a small indentation that allows for a small flathead screwdriver to be inserted. Insert the screwdriver and turn, using the screwdriver as a lever. It should pop neatly open and allow you to replace the battery and then snap back on just as easily.

Assess whether your key fob can be pried open if it does not have a visible screw or visible indentation for a flathead screwdriver. Generally, square-shaped key fobs can be pried open with a dime or a small flathead screwdriver. Insert the object in the end of the key fob's hole where it attaches to your key ring--the section that sticks out from the rest of the fob. Insert the the dime or screwdriver in the seam of the fob's hole and turn, and your key fob should neatly pop open. Replace the battery and snap the fob back in place.

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