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How to Replace the Alternator on a 2002 Santa Fe

by Chris Moore

The alternator is essential to keeping the vehicle battery charged and the car powered. The procedure for removing and replacing an alternator on a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe can vary depending on the engine type. In any case, you need an exact duplicate of the old alternator to install in its place, with the exact same size and location of the terminals and the same identification numbers imprinted on it. It's best to remove the old alternator first and then get the new one.

Four Cylinder Engine

Disconnect the vehicle's negative battery cable, loosening its cable clamp nut with a wrench.

Unplug the electrical connectors for the alternator.

Loosen the upper adjusting mount bolt and the lower mount bolt with your wrench, then turn the adjusting bolt counterclockwise to loosen the drive belt. Remove the drive belt.

Remove the alternator's two mounting bolts and remove the alternator.

Install the replacement alternator and attach the mounting bolts.

Reinstall the alternator drive belt and then tighten the upper and lower adjusting mount bolts.

Connect the alternator's electrical connectors and connect the negative battery cable.

Adjust the tension for the alternator drive belt by prying on the alternator housing and tightening the upper tension and lock bolts followed by the lower bolt.

V6 Engine

Disconnect the battery cable as described above.

Loosen and remove the alternator drive belt. If the vehicle has a 3.5-liter engine, turn the tensioner's adjustment bolts with your wrench. For a 2.7-liter engine, rotate the tensioner with a breaker bar.

Disconnect the alternator's electrical connectors.

Unbolt and remove the alternator.

Install the replacement with its mounting bolts and connect the electrical connectors.

Reinstall the alternator using the tensioner or its adjustment bolts. If you need to use the wrench ion the tensioner bolts, turn them to properly adjust the belt tension.

Reconnect the battery cable.

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