How to Replace My Alternator on a 2002 Dodge Stratus

by Tyson Simmons
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An alternator is an integral part of the electrical system of your 2002 Dodge Stratus. The alternator cycles along with the engine, creating an electrical current and providing a steady charge to the battery. If the alternator on your Stratus is worn out or working improperly, it is imperative that you replace it, as a faulty alternator can compromise both the safety and the reliability of your vehicle. Fortunately, replacing the alternator is a fairly simple task that only requires a few basic tools.

Step 1

Pull your Stratus up onto a car ramp and place the car in park. Make sure to engage your parking brake as well.

Step 2

Open the vehicle's hood and locate the alternator. This part is made of vented aluminum and is connected to the alternator belt assembly in front of the motor and transmission. Remove the electrical connection bolt on top of the alternator using a 12-mm socket wrench.

Step 3

Climb under the vehicle and locate the swing pulley at the bottom of the alternator belt assembly. This pulley is smaller than the others and is located on the end of a metal joint. Remove the securing bolt on the swing pulley using a 14-mm socket wrench. Slide the pulley off of its mounting post. The belt should loosen.

Step 4

Slide the alternator belt off the alternator drive shaft. Remove the four mounting bolts around the edge of the alternator using a 12-mm socket wrench. Slide the alternator away from its housing and pull it out of the engine compartment.

Step 5

Slide the new alternator into place and secure it with the four mounting bolts using a 12-mm socket wrench.

Step 6

Slide the alternator belt over the new alternator's drive shaft. Climb under the vehicle. Loop the alternator belt over the swing pulley and slide it back onto its mounting shaft. Secure it with the mounting bolt.

Replace the electrical connection on top of the alternator. Tighten it down with a 12-mm socket.

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