How to Replace an Idle Air Control Valve on a Honda

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The idle air control valve (commonly called the IAC valve) helps your Honda maintain regular idle speed. The valve is electrical and works in conjunction with the throttle body on the intake manifold. A faulty idle air control valve can result in irregular idle speed and a check engine light. All Honda vehicles are equipped with idle air control valves. Replacing it will be basically the same for all Hondas.

Turn your engine off and pop your hood and unhook your negative battery cable for safety.

Locate the idle air control valve. The Honda idle air control valve is always at the rear of the intake manifold. The intake manifold is in the rear of the engine bay on front-wheel drive models and on the passenger's side of the engine bay on rear-wheel drive models.

Disconnect the wiring harness from the idle air control valve. Press the tab and pull the harness to release it.

Remove the two mounting bolts on the side of the idle air control valve. Pull the valve from the vehicle and remove the gasket. The gasket must be discarded.

Thoroughly clean the mounting area with a hand towel.

Install the new idle air control valve with the new gasket. Replace the mounting bolts and connect the wiring harness. Reconnect your negative battery cable.


  • check Honda recommends using factory replacement parts, but aftermarket idle air control valves may be available at a reduced price.


  • close Do not install the valve without a new gasket.

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