How to Replace a Lexus RX330 Air Conditioning Cabin Filter

by Richard Ristow

The Lexus RX330 features two major air filters. In the engine compartment, a filter keeps dirt and airborne particles from building up within the engine. This should not be confused with the vehicle's cabin air filter, with screens airborne particles out of air entering the RX330's passenger compartment. Replacing this air conditioning cabin filter should take only a few minutes. The process is simple, and cabin air filters are generally available at most automotive retailers.


Ensure that the Lexus RX330 is turned off, with the key removed from the ignition.


Open the Lexus RX330's glove compartment and find the screw securing the box's brace. Remove this screw with a screwdriver.


Feel along the sides and the top for the glove box's stops. Undo and remove them.


Lower the glove box away from the dashboard.


Locate the cabin filter housing in the back of the space previously occupied by the glove box.


Pull the cabin filter housing out and remove the dirty filter.


Make a sight comparison to ensure you have bought the right filter.


Place the new filter into the housing, and slide housing back into place.


Replace the glove box by reversing Steps 2 though 4.

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