How to Replace an ABS Controller in a Dodge Caravan

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The anti-lock braking system (ABS) controller of the Dodge Caravan prevents the brakes from locking during an emergency stop. The ABS controller reduces the braking force to any wheel that is rotating significantly more slowly than the others. If the ABS warning light comes on, you may need to replace the ABS, although this does not necessarily make your vehicle unsafe to drive.

Step 1

Determine which ABS controller your Dodge Caravan will need. You'll want to be sure the new controller is compatible with your make and model of Caravan. All versions of the Caravan have been equipped with ABS since its debut in 1999. The ABS controller is integrated with the hydraulic control unit.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench and raise your vehicle. Locate the hydraulic control unit on the front suspension cradle. Disengage the wiring harness from the ABS controller by holding the lock on the connector and pulling it away from the connector. You will then be able to remove the connector from its socket in the ABS controller.

Step 3

Clean the hydraulic control unit with MOPAR Brake Parts Cleaner or the equivalent. Label and disconnect the brake tubes hydraulic control unit. Remove the bolts that secure the mounting bracket for the hydraulic control unit to the front suspension and remove the mounting bracket. Remove the bolts that mount the hydraulic control unit to the bracket and detach the hydraulic control unit.

Step 4

Unplug the pump motor wiring harness and remove the screws that mount the ABS controller to the bottom of the hydraulic control unit. You can now separate the ABS controller from the hydraulic control unit.

Step 5

Install the new ABS controller by reversing the removal procedure. Use a torque wrench to tighten the mounting bolts for the ABS controller to 17 inch lbs. Torque the mounting bolts for the hydraulic control unit to 97 inch lbs and torque the mounting bolts for the hydraulic control unit bracket to 21 ft. lbs. Tighten the brake tube fittings to 13 feet lbs. with a torque wrench.

Step 6

Complete the installation and bleed the base brake system and the ABS. Test the vehicle to ensure proper operation of both braking systems.

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