How to Repel Mice From Your Car

by Si Kingston

Mice are often attracted to vehicles when searching for food. Many people eat in their vehicles, dropping food scraps underneath the seats and storing snacks in the vehicle. Many vehicle owners will not even notice that food has been left behind, but mice will. Mice will also leave droppings in your vehicle. You can repel mice with natural products so they will no longer find your car desirable.


Remove all food sources from the inside of your car. Mice are attracted to the smell of food.


Spray the carpet inside the vehicle with peppermint oil. The smell of mint repels mice. Peppermint oil is strong. If you have an aversion to the smell, skip this step. Peppermint oil is available at many health food stores.


Place mothballs near any points of entry, such as a hole in the floor of the car. Avoid placing mothballs in the engine compartment. If you are unsure of the point of entry, sprinkle baby powder around and underneath the car. Check the baby powder for tracks to determine the path the mice take to enter your car.


Sprinkle dried mint leaves around the outside of the car. Dried mint leaves are available at many health food stores.

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