How to Repair Wrangler Heat Problems

by Christopher Michael
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The Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate sports utility vehicle. Many of its components are removable and interchangeable including the doors, roof and windshield. Some Wranglers come with canvas doors and roofs increasing the likelihood of drafts and leaks inside the cabin. Because the Wrangler's cabin has such an intimate relationship with the elements, it is important for the heat to function properly. Troubleshoot and fix a Jeep Wrangler's heat when it is too cold in the cabin.

Step 1

Open the glove box in the cabin and remove it by pushing it off the rail and slipping the strap off the dowel pin. Locate the fuse for the heater and blower motor on the fuse rail using the illustration on the firewall. Pinch the head of the appropriate fuses and remove them. Inspect the filaments for breaks or evidence of burn out and replace them if necessary.

Step 2

Check the level of antifreeze in the overflow reservoir and the radiator. The engine heats up the antifreeze and uses the antifreeze to heat the cabin through the blower motor. If there is not enough antifreeze the heat will work poorly.

Step 3

Run water from a garden hose through the heater core. Remove the heater core intake and exhaust hoses by unfastening the clamps with a flat head screwdriver. The intake and exhaust hoses run from the top of the radiator into the passenger side firewall. The water should run freely into one hose and out the other. If it does not than the heater core is clogged and must be replaced.

Step 4

Attach a voltmeter and test the blower motor with the car running and the heat turned on medium. The blower motor is located near the headlight just in front of the batter. Unfasten the wire harness with your hand and position the positive lead of the voltmeter to the wires of the blower motor and press the negative lead to the frame of the Wrangler as a ground source. If the wires of the voltmeter do not read approximately 12 volts then replace the blower motor.

Step 5

Crawl underneath the dash on the passenger side and locate the blend door motor. It is a small electronic motor near the shifter. Remove the motor with a Phillips head screwdriver. The motor powers a geared key that will fall out when the motor is removed. Insert the key into the splined hole and manually turn the blend doors inside the dash board. Start the car and run the heat. If the heat returns, the blend doors were stuck and replacement of the blend door motor is required.

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