How to Repair Windshield Scratch

by Brooke Pierce

Windshield scratches are common in cars. Fixing small scratches is easy -- you can accomplish it without professional help. But leave the large scratches for professional windshield-repair shops. Deep scratches may also grow in size over time. When this occurs, you won’t be able to prevent your windshield from cracking. Repair small scratches right away to ensure your windshield's structural integrity.

Items you will need

  • Acrylic scratch remover 

  • Detergent or soap

  • Water

  • Rubbing compound composed of cerium oxide

  • Glass cleaner

  • Dry soft cloth

  • Water spray gun

Identify the kind of scratch.

Use your eyesight and finger to see and feel the scratch on your windshield. Identify whether it is a deep or surface scratch.


A surface scratch feels smooth. Your fingernails will get caught in a scratch if it is a deep one.

Clean your windshield.

Use soapy water. Rinse the windshield with clean water, and dry it with a dry cloth.

Apply acrylic scratch remover.

Then let it dry until it becomes transparent and hard. Check the instructions for further details and application methods.

Apply rubbing compound.

Use this compound, containing cerium oxide, for deeper scratches. Spray some water on the compound. Rub gently with a cloth and do not apply a lot of pressure.


You can buy a glass-repair kit at an auto parts store. The kit contains a rubbing compound that is composed of cerium oxide. This seals scratches and prevents them from deepening. Read the chemical composition on the kit to ensure that it contains cerium oxide. If you are not sure, ask an employee.

Allow the compound to dry.

Wait about 30 minutes. Check the manufacturer's instructions to verify the amount of time it should take the compound to dry.

Wash the window.

Use soapy water. Rinse your soapy windshield with clean water and dry it with a dry cloth.

Apply windshield polish.

Wipe away hand prints and dirt with a clean, wet cloth using circular motions. Cover your entire windshield and wait for it to dry. You will see a milky white residue. Wipe off the polish with the microfiber cloth.


You will need to apply the rubbing compound frequently to make sure the scratches on your windshield remain repaired.


Do not use sandpaper on your windshield, as it could create more scratches.

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