How to Repair Vinyl Seats Using Permatex

by C.L. Rease

Vinyl seats are durable. After years of exposure to sunlight and multiple changes in temperature, vinyl surfaces become brittle and tear. Instead of replacing your current torn vinyl seats with new seats, you can save money by repairing the tears in the vinyl seat with Permatex. A clear adhesive, Permatex bonds to vinyl and remains flexible when you complete the repair. A specially designed grained paper comes with a Permatex kit to make a vinyl repair undetectable.


Pour isopropyl alcohol onto a clean rag.


Wipe the damaged area of the vinyl seat with the alcohol-soaked rag. Allow the clean area to dry thoroughly before continuing.


Puncture the tip of the Permatex tube with the tube cap. Turn the application nozzle clockwise to thread the applicator to the opened tube.


Align the two sides of the damaged vinyl seat. Place a supplied cloth patch under larger tears to increase the strength of the repair.


Squeeze the Permatex tube to apply the adhesive to the damaged area.


Press the grained paper onto the wet adhesive. Stretch masking tape across the damaged area to secure the repair until the Permatex dries in six to eight hours.


Remove the masking tape from the vinyl seat. Pull the grained paper off the dried Permatex to complete a seamless vinyl repair.


Clean excess Permatex from the vinyl seat with acetone applied to a clean rag.

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