How to Care for Leatherette in a BMW

by Taylor DiVico
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BMWs are produced with two types of interiors: leather and leatherette. Leatherette is an artificial leather made of plastic that offers a similar look. Leatherette cost less, and typically wears better than leather, as it is resistant to scratches and cracks. Caring for the leatherette in your BMW with leatherette cleaning products keeps your interior looking clean and supple.

Step 1

Research leatherette cleaning products on the Internet or at an auto store. Read the labels on car upholstery cleaners to find a vinyl or multi-surface auto upholstery cleaner within your budget. Purchase the cleaner.

Step 2

Vacuum the interior of the automobile to remove dirt and debris from the leatherette on your seats, armrests and headrests.

Step 3

Pour lukewarm water into a spray bottle. Spray the leatherette with water. Wipe the sprayed areas with a clean terrycloth towel.

Step 4

Squirt dish detergent into your spray bottle. Add more lukewarm water if necessary. Shake the spray bottle to create suds. Spray the mixture on leatherette stains. Scrub the stains with a clean terrycloth towel. Wait five minutes for the leatherette to dry.

Step 5

Spray a hidden patch of leatherette underneath your front seat with the purchased cleaner from Step 1. Check the sprayed patch in five minutes to ensure that the cleaner did not leave a stain.

Step 6

Spray and rub the cleaner into the remainder of the leatherette with a clean terry cloth towel. Leave the cleaner on the leatherette for five minutes to condition it.

Step 7

Wipe the cleaner off with a clean terry cloth towel.

Step 8

Spray the leatherette with water and wipe it down with a clean terry cloth towel to reduce stickiness from the cleaner.

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