How to Repair a Ford Triton V10 Blown Spark Plug

by Deborah McDonald

The Ford Triton is a modular engine found in dozens of vehicles produced by Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. The V10 variant is used exclusively for large trucks, vans, and SUVs that need the extra power. Like with all engines, though, a spark plug can blow out during use. A blown spark plug occurs when a spark plug has a flaw in its construction, or, more commonly, when it is not seated properly during installation. During a blowout, the ceramic case of your spark plug can crack. Replacing the spark plug will, in most cases, repair the problem and get your Triton engine running smoothly again.

Park your Triton equipped vehicle on a hard, flat surface, then open and secure its hood.

Locate your engine's spark plugs. There will be five of them on each side of your engine, along the bottom, and they will be covered by thick rubber caps that connect to the spark plug wires.

Twist the spark plug cap off of a spark plug by hand, then visually inspect the spark plug wire for damage. If you need to replace it, remember to plug the new wire into the same position as the old one to ensure proper firing.

Remove the spark plug you uncovered when you removed the wire with a ratchet. Inspect the casing for cracks or scorching. Insert a new spark plug if the old appears to be damaged.

Repeat the process on the remaining spark plugs.


  • check If one of the spark plug sockets is empty, then your spark plug was forced from your engine during the blow out. In this case, replacing the spark plug and wire is mandatory.

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