How to Repair a Loose Steering Wheel on a Ford Truck

by Don Bowman

The air bag system must be disabled before you attempt to repair a loose steering wheel on a late-model Ford truck. A loose steering wheel on a late-model vehicle is especially unsafe because the horn's ground wire is connected to it and could cause sparks, setting off the air bag. Along with the steering wheel coming loose, Fords are known to have issues with their tilt steering.


Disarm the air bag system by lifting the hood and disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery, using a wrench. Allow 15 minutes for all circuits to go to sleep before proceeding.


Remove the two Phillips screws securing the air bag to the steering wheel. Access the screws from the instrument panel side of the steering wheel.


Lift the air bag off the steering wheel just enough (about 3 inches) to disconnect the two horn wires from the steering wheel to the bottom of the air bag.


Disconnect the air bag harness connector from the bottom of the air bag. Remove the air bag, always facing it away from you, and set it on the passenger side. Tighten the steering wheel hold-down nut, using the appropriate socket.


Replace the air bag in reverse order of removal and reconnect the battery cable.

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