How to Repair a Ford Seat Belt

by Diana Braun

The Ford Motor Company is an automobile manufacturer of sedans, sport utility vehicles, trucks and vans. Every vehicle comes equipped with seat belts to provide safety and protection to passengers. The seat belts may not adjust or fasten due to a built in locking mechanism of the belt. This feature can be disabled. The seat belt also includes a retractor that attaches the belt to the frame of the vehicle. Inside the retractor is a hidden part called a pretensioner. The pretensioner activates during accidents and helps to lock the seat belt in place.

Step 1

Place the tongue of the seat belt into the belt buckle until you hear a clicking sound indicating the belt is locked in place.

Step 2

Pull down on the top portion of the seat belt until the webbing of the belt has been completely pulled from the retractor located in the door frame. This releases the locking mechanism in the retractor. The seat belt can now be adjusted.

Step 3

Take your vehicle into an authorized Ford technician. A seat belt that fails to lock, won't move or won't adjust is an indication of a failed mechanism. The seat belt contains a pretensioner inside the retractor that activates only once when the car has been in accident or has come to an abrupt stop. The pretensioner needs to be professionally replaced if it has been activated. If the retractor, seat belt and seat belt buckle fail to operate, they also need to be inspected by a trained professional to ensure the safety of all passengers.

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