How to Repair Car Paint Damage

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Age, dirt and wear can damage a car's paint job, which can damage the body as well as hurt its appearance. You need to repair any fading, peeling or scratching of your car's paint in order to preserve its look and durability. Read on to learn how to repair car paint damage.

Analyze the paint damage. Find out if it has only chipped slightly or if it has gone all the way to the primer.

Find your car's shade of paint. Your car's color code should be on a sticker inside the door or in a paint manufacturer's catalog. A dealer or paint manufacturer should also help.

Remove the car's wax and protective coating with a prep solvent. Painting over the protective products will separate the paint from the original coat and make it pool up in lumps.

Sand down the damaged area until it is smooth. Also check the instructions on the paint can for how to prepare and apply the paint.

Apply the base paint to the affected area. Use as many coats as needed to match the car's original shade.

Let the paint dry for at least 24 hours. Keep the car in a dry indoor area that will protect it from the elements.

Reapply the clear coat and wax to the car to protect the new coat.


  • check Using a base paint and clear coat separately will help match the car's original coat better than an all-in-one paint that includes both.


  • close Don't use nail polish as a full-time solution to paint damage. The polish won't last more than a month and will then fade and chip again.

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